Monday, May 27, 2013

I Survived this Crazy Week

Hey everyone!

Oh my word, this week has been absolutely insane. I really can't even explain how much I have learned and had to deal with this week, but it has been such a blessing! I know I say this in every single email I send, but I LOVE being a missionary. This work is truly the most amazing thing I have ever been a part of, and I feel so blessed to be here. I really do. I know that the Lord needs me in Alabama and that the people we meet here, need Sister Jensen and I. 

So, last week, we dropped off our trainer, Sister Donohoe at the airport. We had a week of training, and then we got to start training ourselves. Talk about relying on the Lord. We had NO idea what we were doing. So we just prayed SO much and focused on being the most diligent and obedient missionaries that we could be. We know that obedience brings blessings, AND WE NEEDED BLESSINGS. I have seen so many miracles this week. Just with the help that the ward members are giving us, the people that we have met, and the experiences we have had!

Here's the greatest thing to happen so far on my mission. I can't really even explain how great it was, but it truly was a miracle. We met this lady named Lisa a few weeks ago with her daughter Hope. Her daughter has some mental disabilities, but she is the cutest thing ever. She's 15 and she LOVES Jesus. She talks about Jesus all the time and is always inviting people to learn more about Jesus. She is already an amazing missionary! So we set up an appointment with Lisa on Wednesday and taught her the Plan of Salvation. Everything in that lesson, went PERFECTLY. I can't even explain it. All her questions were exactly what the gospel answers. Questions like, "I believe the Bible, but I always thought there was something more to it." "If God loves His children so much, shouldn't there be someone to lead us on the Earth today?" Things like that. We were stunned. Everything was perfect, it really was. She believes everything we say, and she is now reading the Book of Mormon and LOVING IT. What? It is incredible! Afterwards, she said, "I want you to know that I have met with the Elders before, but I have never felt the things I felt tonight. I know that it is true, and I want to keep doing all I can to learn more, because of you Sisters." Sister missionaries have SO MUCH POWER. All missionaries are wonderful, but some people need the help and the perspective of the Sisters. We need more Sister missionaries! Any girls who are thinking about serving a mission, DO IT. The Lord needs you. This is the greatest thing I have ever done. Seeing the effects of how Sister Jensen and I have taught Lisa was such a blessing! I know I am supposed to be here. I know that the people I am meeting are people that I am supposed to meet. The Lord has a plan for me and for all of His children. I'm just assisting in the work.

Every day is going by faster and faster. Next week is my two month mark. WHAT? I can't believe I've already been out for two months. I'm so excited for all you 2013 graduates! Life has so much in store for you! Congratulations Jackson. You are such a stud. I got your graduation announcement in the mail, and all the Sisters are obsessed with you. They think you are so dang cute. I told them you are the whole package and they can date you when they get back, even if they are a little too old for you. Ha. I hope graduation was a blast, even though I'm SO sad I missed it! Happy birthday this week Eli! I miss you all so dang much. You are the best support system ever! Thank you for your prayers and your love and support. I love being a missionary!!! The church is true. I love it with all my heart. 

Sister Card

Chandra Dozier. She is going to BYU hopefully this Fall. She is the one that was supposed to get baptized, but her mom didn't let her. It will happen. She is so dang cute. I love her so much!

My cute companions!

The best picture from my mission. Yes, this is a sign just chillin on the side of the road. Hahahaha. I love the South so much. 

Good ole Prattville, Alabama!

The car was so stuffed, we could hardly tell Sister Jensen was back there! Haha so dang funny.


We met this lady from CARDSTON. Peggy Grusendorf. She knows all of ya'll. Grandpa Cal and Shanna and all you kids! So crazy! And she gave me a Big Turk candy bar. WHAT A SMALL WORLD. I was so pumped. She was visiting some family members down here, but she lives in Provo. It was so crazy!

The Prattville missionaries before we took Sister Donohoe to the airport! (Notice Elder Ingersoll! Still so crazy he's here!)

Elder Tyler Bentley! Another one of my good friends from Lone Peak! SO CRAZY. Everyone is here.

Oh I love Alabama. This shirt is the best thing ever.

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