Monday, May 27, 2013

Just Imagine Duck Dynasty


Sorry I had no time to email this week.  We took cute Sister Donohoe to the airport because she got her visa to Argentina!  So we had to get her all packed and ready to go, go grocery shopping, go to the post office and mail some things home for her and do all our studying.  It was insane, but we got her there in the early afternoon.  Then we got a call from the Mission President asking if he could take Sister Jensen and I to dinner.  Of course!  What kind of missionary would turn down an evening with the Mission President AND free food?  He truly is the greatest guy ever.  He knows EVERYTHING about mission work.  I’ve learned so much from him already.  But anyway, we got done talking with him at like 5:30 and p-day ends at 6.  We got to the library to email at 5:45 so by the time I finished reading most of my emails it was 6:00.  Crazy day! 

So after that EXTREMELY long explanation, I’ll tell you all about my first week in Alabama.  I LOVE IT HERE.  We are in an area that is so redneck you would die.  I learned very quickly to keep a straight face, but some of the things we hear and the people we meet are so dang funny.  Just imagine Duck Dynasty and that’s like half of the people we meet.  I love my life here.  It’s a blast. 

We started BIKING this week.  Yes, I’m a biking missionary now.  We have a car too, but we have limited miles.  So I get to wear a helmet in the 500 degree weather AND bike in a skirt.  IT IS SO MUCH HARDER THAN IT SOUNDS.  We have to wear leggings (and it is SO hot here) and clip our skirts in all sorts of places, do an awkward little skip-jump to get on our bikes and somehow get going.  It is so dang funny and awkward and embarrassing.  But we love it and we just embrace it.  We get to our appointments all sweaty and nasty, but at least we bring the spirit.  It’s a joy.  Honesty, bike riding is the best.  We love it. 

We have 10 English investigators and 4 Spanish ones.  I TAUGHT TWO LESSONS IN SPANISH THIS WEEK.  My languages are all over the place.  I speak Portuguese at home with Sister Jensen, English with everyone else, and Spanish lessons and contacting.  To be honest, I can’t really speak any of them now, but I’ll get it!  They are all jumbling up!  Pray for me!! I need it!

We have a baptism this Saturday with a cute girl named Chandra.  She’s been going to church for 4 years and her mom finally agreed to let her get baptized.  There’s still a lot of skepticism from her family, so it might not go through, but we’re praying a lot!  Pray for her too if you can.  She NEEDS to get baptized.  She’s so ready. 

Other than that, it’s just a lot of miracles.  We started visiting a home for troubled people.  Seeing their joy when we walk in makes all the hard times worth it.  They truly love their Savior and we have 3 or 4 of them reading the Book of Mormon.  Sister Jensen and I have A LOT to figure out, but we’re learning!  I guess one week with a trainer is better than nothing!  I’m getting pushed in so many ways that I couldn’t imagine before.  This is the greatest thing I’ve ever done.  I love this gospel.  I want to share it with everyone, and I’m trying to!  The Lord helps so much.  He directs everything that happens out here.  It truly is His work and I’m so grateful to be a part of it!  I love you all.  I miss you all.  I pray for you all!  The Church is true! 

Sister Card

Sister Jensen and Sister Card - Alabama BBQ Dinner (photo compliments of

Fried Green Tomatoes -- love them! (photo compliments of

Sister Holzapfel, Sister and Elder Aston, Sister Jensen and Sister Card (photo compliments of
Safety Training at Zone Conference (Jazzy is on back left w/pink shirt on; photo compliments of
Montgomery Zone Conference Training (photo compliments of
P-Day Activity - Polishing cars followed by pizza and activities with Jazzy's District (photo compliments of

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