Monday, May 26, 2014

Loving life way too much

Hey everyone!

I have absolutely no time to write today. I feel like my time is shorter and shorter every single P-day! But I am doing my best to respond to all of you and everything! I am so sorry that I am the worst at emailing, but this one hour thing is VERY short. Letters are always so much easier to respond to (: Just so y'all know!

Anyways, things are going suuuuper well here. I am stunned at how many people the Lord is preparing for us here. I feel like we are finding more and more people to teach every single day. Heavenly Father is just putting them in our path. I can't believe it. Every day, I come home just amazed at the things that are taking place here. It truly is incredible. Every day is a miracle. 

We have a baptism this Saturday (: SO excited about it! Hopefully two, if all goes according to plan! We are excited about it (: I will write more about those two getting baptized next week! 

Also, it is getting SO dang cold here. Haha. I look like a marshmallow every day now. I've got my big winter coat on, gloves, sweaters, leggings, everything. It's lovely (: I really do like it a lot. I've decided that it is way colder inside the houses that we visit than it is outside... And it is really cold outside. Haha. Loving it.

I am sorry this email is so dang short, but I truly love you all and miss you all like crazy! I hope that things are all going so well. Remember to keep doing the little things every day (: The Lord is so present in our lives. I am learning more and more about Him every single day. This week, I've been really studying about prayer and developing my relationship with my Heavenly Father. He really does love us so much. I feel that love every single day, whether it be for me personally, or for the people that we are visiting. I am filled with gratitude every single day.

I love you all so much. Have a fabulous week (: 

Sister Card

A referral lives here, and I think this blue light was on EVERY SINGLE NIGHT. 
We still haven't contacted her... Ha.

Noite Familiar (:

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