Monday, May 12, 2014

Happy Mother's Day (:

Heyyyy everyone!

It was SO good to talk to you all yesterday (: Oh my goodness! So besides the fact that I was bawling nearly the entire time and struggling to find the words that I wanted to in English, I absolutely loved it. It was so good to see my cute family and see how well each one of you are doing! It's amazing to see the changes that are taking place in each of us because of the gospel (:

One thing that was absolutely amazing for me to think about was the changes that have taken place in the past five months since I last talked to you all. There have been so many things that have changed and I feel like there are still so many questions that I have in my life (maybe even MORE now!), but I feel like I am truly being led to where I need to go. I don't know what He has in store for me, but I know He's got something there. I feel like because of the knowledge that I have acquired of my Savior, of His Atonement, and of His Resurrection, I am a completely different person than I was five months ago. He's working so profoundly in my life, and the more that I think about it, the more grateful I am and more indebted I am to Him.

So let's talk for a minute about what is going on here... 

Sister Saito is getting transferred... Noooooo ): We cried forever together. I am so sad that she is leaving me. But here's what is going on this transfer... Sister Lins is coming to be my new companion. We will be serving as Sister Training Leaders together and we will be having SO much success (I already know!). This is her last transfer on the mission, so that's going to be so weird for me! We call it "matando seu companherio na missão." (Don't worry. I won't be trunky!) I am SO beyond sad that Sister Saito is leaving me, but I am very excited to be with Sister Lins. She was Sister Saito's trainer, so you KNOW she's solid (:

The work is going so well! I am absolutely loving everything that is taking place here. And the best thing ever... We are going to have a WEDDING this weekend. Wedding and a baptism!!! MY DREAMMMMMM. Dad thought that was so weird that all I wanted as a missionary was a wedding, but what can I say? It's going to be absolutely DARLING. So excited (: 

Mission life is far too good to me. I love it with all my heart.

Anyway, I love you all so much!!! I hope that everything is going so well for each one of you! I am always praying for you and thinking of each one of you! Stay strong. Remember to keep doing the little things each and every day and you will receive the blessings you need (: 


Sister Card

Our District loves us so much because we always come to District Meeting with treats (:

Some of our cute Sisters (:

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