Monday, May 19, 2014

Well there went 15 hours of my life spent on a bus ride...

Helloooo (:

How has it only been a week since I talked with you all? This week went by fast, but it seemed like so many things happened. Time is so weird on a mission. It really is.

Anyway, I spent the majority of this week in Santa Maria for Conselho da Missão with all the leadership in the mission. Holy cow, our leaders here are SO powerful. I left that meeting with a new sense of motivation and determination to do my very best and help as many people as I can. I'm also very excited to put all these things into practice with the Sisters that we are going to be doing exchanges with this transfer. This time is far too short, but I know that I am working with the Lord and that He truly is helping me reach my full potential.  This week, as I returned back to Uruguaiana, I felt different. I felt like I knew what I needed to do, and I felt like the Spirit guided everything that I was doing. It was absolutely perfect.

So along with my trip to Santa Maria, I spent 15 hours on the bus this week. So there's that.

My new companion is Sister Lins, who is such a doll. She's from São Paulo and is absolutely incredible. I am learning so many things from her. She is finishing up her mission this transfer, which is the craziest thing in the world. But we are working like CRAZY and are expecting baptisms weekly (: When she got here, she said, "Sister, acho que eu chegei no céu." It is SO true. It really is like heaven here. I love it far too much.

I love this work way too much. Sister Lins asked me this week, "Sister, why do you think that you are really here? Why is it that you are working so hard here?" I thought about it for awhile, and the only answer that I had was gratitude. How grateful I am that I have a Savior who paid the price of sin for me! How grateful I am that I was able to change my life in such a way that I could be serving here as a missionary, helping others find this happiness that I have found! How grateful I am for this gospel in my life, that has truly done everything for me! I'm just grateful. And for that, I am working as hard as I can here.

I love you all so much and I hope that all is well (: I pray for each of you and I know that the Lord is watching over you. Thank you for all your thoughts and prayers and letters and everything. I love you all (:

Sister Card

All the Sister Training Leaders and Sister Parrela (:

Awww last pic with my cute Sister Saito ):

Our Zone t-shirts. I LOVE Sister Saito way too much.

Sister Lins and I with a RC in Santa Maria (:

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