Monday, June 2, 2014

Faster and Faster...

Hey everyone!
So first of all, HAPPY BIRTHDAY ELI AND JACKSON THIS WEEK. I have the cutest, best brothers in the entire world. I hope you all know that.
But anyway...

Yes, the weeks are flying. I still can't believe how quickly they are going. I feel like every day, seriously, goes by faster and faster.

This week, I'll admit, was a little bit rough. But the lessons that I learned totally outweigh the difficulties that I faced (isn't that how it always is?)
It seems like everything fell through this week. We are losing a lot of progress with our investigators, both of our baptisms fell through, and it seemed like things just kind of stopped. At first, I got all sorts of negative, which is so unlike me. I was thinking, "Why in the world would these things be happening? We are working hard. We are doing what we are supposed to be doing. Why is this happening to us right now?" Then, the thought came to me: "Jazz, what are you doing? Why are you thinking this way? You told Heavenly Father you wanted to be a missionary and that you would do everything that He wanted you to do. So do it. Do what He wants you to do."
It was one of the most important lessons in the entire world for me to learn. I'm here to be a missionary and to do the will of Heavenly Father. So that's what I've got to do. I've got to work my tail off every single day and do my very best. And IF IT BE THE WILL OF THE FATHER, He will bless me. I have to be content with what He has asked me to do. Whatever that may be.
We also had went to Alegrete and did divisions with the Sisters there. AH. They are perfect. I love them so much. I feel very grateful to be able to work with such incredible Sisters (:

I am so grateful to be a missionary. I am always trying to focus on the blessings that I have. It motivates me to keep working hard and doing my very best every single day. When I think of how privileged I am to be a missionary, to be working with such incredible people every day, I am filled with gratitude, and the little problems don't seem to matter too much anymore. I am privileged to be here. I am priviliged to be a representative of Jesus Christ. I am priviliged to have this gospel in my life and to be able to share it with the people in Rio Grande do Sul.
I love you all so much! I hope that you all have an incredible week. MISS YOU ALL LIKE CRAZY.

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