Monday, April 7, 2014


Oi todo mundo (:

Que semana perfeita. Serio. Eu sinto muita grata pela oportunidade que eu tive para participar na Conferência Geral esta semana. Eu aprendi muitas coisas e realmente foi uma experiência muita boa para mim.

Oh... speaking in Portuguese instead of English... again.

Hahaha. Just kidding. But can I just say how WEIRD it was to listen to Conference in English? I haven't heard that much English in 6 months. It was the weirdest thing in the whole world - it really was. I am going to struggle SO much when I get home. Don't judge me when I get back. Hahaha. For real. It was bad.

But Conference was PERFECT. It had to be! It was my last one as a missionary... I can't believe it. It seemed as if every talk applied to me and what I was doing here and what I will be doing after the missionary. Because of this General Conference, I feel like I have more direction and purpose in my life that I have ever had before. It was literally one of the most inspiring Conferences that I have ever watched in my life. So fabulous.

I think that my favorite talk was from Robert D. Hales, ALL about obedience. It was so perfect. My notes from that talk are absolutely insane, with underlining, big stars, and LOTS of capitalized letters. I absolutely loved it. Obedience truly is everything. We can't pick and choose the commandments that we want to keep. You want to follow the Lord? You have to TRULY follow Him and keep ALL the commandments. It's rough. We are never going to reach that perfection, but as long as we have the desire to continually get better, the Atonement of Christ will help us. It's such a huge blessing that we have in our lives. I was thinking of this principle a lot during the week. I think that's why this talk was so special to me. I was thinking about the things that I need to better in myself, and how in the world I was going to do that. I realized there is ALWAYS room to improve. We can't settle with our imperfections. Although we have to accept the fact that we will never reach perfection in this life, we have to strive to get better every single day. As we do that, we will look back at the end of our lives and think, "Wow, look at who I've become. Look at this transformation that I have made in my life. I have truly become the person that I knew I needed to become." We can't settle. We can get better every single day (:

Needless to say, I ADORED General Conference.

And let's just address the fact that I hit one year this week... THERE IS NO WAY.

I woke up feeling completely normal. During the day, I didn't think anything of the fact that one year had already passed. It seemed like my 9 month mark was WAY harder, emotionally, for me. But that night, as I kneeled down to pray to my Heavenly Father, it seemed like it all hit me. One year of my life. One year dedicated to my Lord and my Savior. I thought of all the people I had met this year, the lives that have changed, the growth that I have made, and the woman I have become. I just SOBBED, thinking about how perfect this past year has been. I can't express this gratitude I feel for my mission. I really can't. I can't believe how quickly my time here is coming to an end. It's heartbreaking, but I know that my service here over the past year is exactly what I have expected of myself and what the Lord has expected of me. I have no regrets. <3

Anyways, I love you all so much. Things are going so well here. The work is a little... slow, but we have faith that things are going to get better. Gotta keep working hard (: And I can't believe this is the last week of the transfer... I feel like Sister Silva Santos is outta here, but I pray every night that we will stay together another one!!! We will see. We will do what the Lord needs us to do. Love you ALL. You are all in my thoughts and prayers! LOVES.

Sister Card

3 Conferences together!

The cake that the Elders made us! So dang sweet of them!

Conference at the Stake Center (:

Elder Oliveira and I, so pumped for Conference!


Members of the other ward at Conference!

Elder Lira drew my eyes! So cool.

The English-conference-watchers!

Val, the bishop's daughter (: So dang cute.

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