Monday, April 14, 2014

Transfers... You are never going to believe it!

So you are not going to believe what happened with transfers...


Are you for real????? We are dying. We are going to be in a trio and be working in two areas here in Uruguaiana. I have no idea how we are supposed to work in two wards, or really how this is going to work at all, but we are trusting in the Lord and it is all going to be perfect. I am so excited to actually work with my sweet Kaylee Jensen for the next little while. This transfer is only 4 weeks long, so it is going to fly by. But we are so thrilled to be working together again.

At the same time, though, I am SO depressed that my cute Sister Silva Santos is leaving me. We found out and just burst into tears together. She has literally become one of my very best friends over the last six weeks. Oh my word, I do not want her to go. But she is heading to São Gabriel with all my darling friends there. I am excited for her to get working with all those people (: She is going to do wonders there! That girl has taught me so many things. And now, when we meet new people, people think we are BOTH from Bahia. I now have her accent, without even realizing it! Haha. I'll always love that girl and this time that we have spent together!

It is getting dang cold here. So cold. This morning was 5 degrees!!! Imagine that, without heating or anything! I was studying in my sweatshirt, leggings, AND my sleeping bag. I was absolutely dying. I love the cold and I was freezing. This winter is going to be brutal...

I learned that I can't eat hardly any meat anymore. Mom, your vegetarian-ism is wearing off on me! Sometimes I have to just not think about it and eat it real fast, but it is starting to kill me! Not good for serving in an area that LOVES carne.

On the bright side, Dad, I have SO many good recipes for flan. We made a few this week and the Elders, needless to say, are our new best friends. 

There were so many things that happened this week, that are SO dang funny, but way too inappropriate to share in this email. Let me just say that there is nothing that I can describe in these emails so that you can know how interesting my life is here. In 5 months, I will be full of good stories for you all (;

Let me explain the wedding dress incident! Hahaha so perfect. We were on exchanges this week and that night, I get home, with a wedding dress on my bed. Since I have the most time on the mission here, EVERYONE in the world is talking about marriage with me. It is terrible! But don't worry, I will stay strong (at least for a little while!) after I get home! Anyway, so we get home and find this wedding dress on my bed, and of course, I just HAD to try it on. We had a big old fashion show that night! Such girls, right?

But the wedding dress was actually for an investigator's wedding that happened in the other ward. The Elders needed some serious help and asked Sister Silva Santos and I to help them plan the wedding. So... YES! Of course. We got the bride all ready for the big day (Sister Silva Santos did her makeup and I did her hair) and we made the church all pretty. It was SUCH a beautiful day. And then afterwards, those Elders baptized the WHOLE family! It was so special to be a part of (: I love seeing how the gospel brings so many families together.

And we have been working with this new family, Claudia e Beto, for the past few weeks. They are such an incredible family. They are living the Word of Wisdom and doing everything that we have asked them to do. They already have received their answers and are wanting to get baptized, after we get some marriage things worked out with them. But anyways, we tried to get them a ride all Sunday morning for church, because it was like 10 degrees and they have a brand new baby. After all our efforts, the ride didn't work out, but they ended up WALKING 30 minutes in the freezing cold to church. What an ELECT family! They are so incredible. They really are. 

I love my life here. Just when I think that I couldn't get happier with the way things are going, I end up feeling even happier and better. Things are so incredible with the gospel. I have such a testimony of that. I have seen so many lives change because of this gospel. There are people that are truly prepared for the gospel. This week, I was able to see how much the gospel truly blesses families. I can't imagine having a family without this church. It is the only thing that can sustain and help families. 

I love you all so much! I am so grateful for each one of you and all the support you give me! I hope you know that each of you are in my prayers every night. I am SO grateful for all the love I feel from you. Thank you thank you thank you for everything.

I love you all and miss you all like crazy.

We're down to FOUR transfers... What is this?

I'll see you soon (but it's for real now.)

Sister Card

Aaaall the irmãs (:

Ah! She is gorgeous (: And I didn't want to get ready that day... hahaha.

Always ready for pics (:

Claudia e Beto. Holy cow, do I love this family or what?

Cute kids in the ward for a birthday party (: LOVE

Hahahaha come home from exchanges with THIS on my bed.

It HAD to happen.

Luciene! Love this girl (:

More moças - selfie (:

Much better photo this week (:

And part 3, when things got real. (Sisters are so dang funny, right?)

Part 2.

Part 1 of our fight over the wedding dress.

Poor Sister Jensen... hahahaha.

The bride! Sister Silva Santos did her makeup, and I did her hair (:

Valentine, the Bishop's daughter - such sass (; 
she told us she wants to be a model AND a photographer.

With Luciene at a ward activity!

Moças (:

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