Monday, June 24, 2013

Another week has gone by... (Imagine the Celine Dion song)

Hey ya'll!

Every single week goes by so fast. I can't believe it is already Monday and I am seriously writing another email. It flies. Next week is my THREE MONTH mark. Wasn't it two months, like, yesterday? I can't even believe it. It's going by way too quickly.

This week was amaaazing. Oh my word, I can't explain how much I loved it. First of all, let's talk about the Work of Salvation broadcast last night. There are 70,000 missionaries out?! How insane is that? At conference, we were at 65,000. In two and a half months, we got 5,000 new ones. I love it. The work is moving forward SO quickly. I felt the Spirit so strongly listening to our prophet and his apostles. Members have such a huge role in missionary work, and I am so beyond excited to get them more involved. It is going to make all the difference. We were able to see how inspired that broadcast truly was, last night. Yes. Right after the broadcast, we put it to the test.

It was one of those nights where we had no idea what we should be doing, so we pulled over, and said a prayer, asking Heavenly Father where we should go or who we should see. Right when we said amen, our Bishop texted us with a member's name. Sister Baker, who is my favorite. We called her up, and decided to go see a less-active with her. She was exhausted and hungry, but she decided she would come with us because of the broadcast. We show up at Janet's house (the less-active) and talked with her for a while. She is such a sweetheart, but she is a very quiet person. Sister Baker is the sweetest person and is definitely NOT shy. Haha we love her so much. She was able to really talk with Janet and get her to open up. By the end of the night, we discovered that they both had very negative experiences with their ex-husbands and how much the gospel helped them get through it all. Janet was able to recognize how much the gospel really has helped her, and how much the Atonement truly means. I was able to bear my testimony to Janet about the Atonement and how it can help us in any situation. Although I haven't ever experienced that, I have used the Atonement in so many circumstances, and I know that her Savior loves her so much. He is always there for her. Janet had tears in her eyes thinking about her Savior and His love for her. Last night, Sister Baker was able to open up with Janet and completely help her to think about the gospel again. That was something that we couldn't have done on our own. We needed Sister Baker there. Now, Janet has a friend at church, a reminder of the Atonement in her life, and the ability to use it. It was such a powerful experience.

I know that was kind of a long story, but it was the biggest miracle we saw this week. The Lord led us to call Sister Baker, to go see Janet, and to bear testimony of the Atonement. Members are SO important in this work. I love it. I've seen it. It makes such a difference in the lives of the members and in the lives of the people who need the gospel.

Another thing that we used this week is FAMILY HISTORY. Oh my gosh, how cool is I love it. I have no idea how to use it, but we are doing a family history seminar next week at the church. Sister Jensen and I talked to some experts here in Prattville, and we decided to set up a big class next Sunday. We are excited about it! I've been able to read a ton of stories about my ancestors and see their pictures and really get to know them. It has been amazing. Thank you to whoever had put together all my geneology. You are amazing! One of our less-actives came to church on Sunday because of family history, and she is wanting to get ready to go to the temple so she can do some of those ordinances for her family members. Family history is such a blessing and I am so excited to actually learn how to use it haha.

This week has been so great! So many miracles, and so many blessings. We have some high hopes for ourselves this week. The work is hastening. It really is. I'm seeing it every single day here in Prattville, Alabama. The Lord is opening so many doors that I never even saw possible. It is amazing. My testimony grows stronger and stronger every day. What a blessing it is to be a part of such a wonderful work at such a crucial time. Read the talks from this past conference "Come, All Ye Sons of God" by President Monson and "It's A Miracle" by Elder Neil L. Andersen. I seriously got pumped up reading them, because of how much the work is progressing. I love it. I love being a missionary. I love sharing the gospel. Remember what Elder Holland said last night, "An invitation that is born of our love for others and our love of Jesus Christ will never been seen as offensive." Share it with everyone! It's the best thing we have in our lives. I'm so grateful for the knowledge I have of the gospel. It is so perfect and so real and it just makes sense. I can't get over that broadcast and how excited I am for the new changes to come about in missionary work. It is so wonderful!

I love you all and am so so so grateful for all you do for me. Thank you for your letters and your love. I definitely have the best support group back home. Have a great week this week!

Do beautiful things with your beautiful lives. I love you.

Sister Card

This is Brother Coleman in our ward. He is so great and is obsessed with his kitty 
and really wanted a picture with us and his cat in it. Ha. We love him. 
Also, never mind the fact that I chose to not do my hair or put on makeup that day. 
It was 103 degrees with 40% humidity. Insaaaane.

Sister Barczak and her son Conway. It was his 12th birthday, so we made him a cake! 
Definitely a good looking cake, right? 
Dad, she's the one who made the keychain for you for Father's Day. 
Such a doll. We love their family.

Sister Jensen and I DYING of heat. So hot here.

Our ward mission leader and his family are moving to Vegas ): 
we are so sad, but I told them I would definitely be there to visit when I get home! 
Their family has done so much for us and I am so beyond grateful for them. 
I love the Kidd family!

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