Monday, June 10, 2013

Naked Investigators, Fishing and First Transfer...DONE!

Hey ya'll!

I really need to stop with the ya'll. It's killing me already. I promise I'll try to stop. This week was a whole big mixture of hard, crazy, fun, HOT, disappointing, and wonderful. So everything that a week could have been, I guess. Ha. But first of all, before I forget, HAPPY BIRTHDAY JACKSON. I almost started crying when I realized that you actually turned 18 and that you're an adult now. It's not okay at all. They grow up so fast *tear*. But really, I hope you had an amazing 18th birthday in Europe, living the dream! Those pictures are amazing and I'm sure you are having a blast for the next few weeks!

Okay, now back to the mission life. I survived my first transfer, and I'm staying in Prattville with Sister Jensen!!! Yes! We've been companions for almost two and a half months now, and we are still going strong! Love it. I'm so grateful I am staying here because the work is progressing SO quickly! The Lord is helping us out so much. I want to stay here for a little while longer though, but we will see about my visa! I guess we'll see where the Lord needs me! 

I'll tell you all the funny stuff that happened this week first, because I know we all love that the most. Okay, so first, we went over to this member's home to try to get a few referrals, because they know EVERYONE in Prattville. They are really great and really old, but I love them. They have this dog, who is quite, um, gross. Sorry. But we were sitting there talking and the dog just starts throwing up all over the floor, and I have the worst gag reflex of all time, so I'm just sitting there, closing my eyes and praying that I would still be professional and missionary-like.  Never prayed so hard. It was so disgusting, but I made it through. Definitely a little miracle from the Lord hahaha. Really though. It was awful. 

Another thing that is SO odd about Alabama is the fact that EVERYONE comes to the door naked. WHY?! If we are lucky, they hide themselves behind the door and tell us that now isn't a good time, but sometimes... it's just really not a pretty sight. One of our investigators came to the door this week, completely naked, with a little towel covering her front. And then she bent down to get her dog. NOT OKAY. Hahaha life is so beyond different than it is in Utah. I love it though, we laugh so hard every single day.

Okay, I'm sorry for all of that. Haha back to real missionary work. We've been working with the less-actives in the ward really hard. It has been so wonderful. But this week, the Glover's came to church with us! They haven't been to church in years, but they are the most wonderful people I have ever met. They are my grandparents here, really. They take such good care of us, and are always checking up on us and giving us more food than we can handle. I love them more than anything. So they came to church, and absolutely loved it! I am so so grateful for them, and I was SO happy they came to church. It was such a miracle. They are actually coming to Utah in a few weeks and Mom and Dad, they want to meet you! I'll give them some information. They are wonderful, wonderful people. 

We also had the chance to go to the temple this week. I LOVED it. The Birmingham temple is absolutely beautiful. So small compared to the ones in Utah, but so beautiful. I loved it! How amazing is it that the church is the same every where we go? I can be in Alabama doing the exact same ordinances, feeling the exact same spirit that I feel in Utah. It is amazing. It really is. Things like that really just reaffirm the truthfulness of the gospel. Then, we went into the Celestial Room and were in there for so long. I needed that. Every single thought I had just reaffirmed that I am supposed to be on a mission. I know I am supposed to be here. I love being a missionary and I love everything about my mission. I am so grateful to be here and I really cannot imagine being anywhere else right now. 

One more cool thing. Yesterday, I was able to meet, talk with, pray with AND set up an appointment in Spanish. WHAT? Yeah. The gift of tongues is real. I've been studying a ton of Portuguese lately, and the fact that I was able to switch back to Spanish so quickly was truly a miracle. I loved it so much. Amazing experience.

Okay, well I love you all so much. I'm sorry for my massive emails. I hope they keep you all entertained and feeling the Spirit and all. My weeks are crazy busy and I never know how to explain what is going on here, because SO much happens. But I want you all to know that I know this church is true. I know 100% that Joseph Smith was a prophet of the Lord. He was called to restore this gospel and he has restored it to perfection. I'm grateful to know there is a prophet on the Earth today, and that he receives revelation from God. I know that announcement he made regarding the mission age was truly inspired. I am so excited for all of you newly graduated boys getting out there and serving. A mission is the greatest thing I have ever done and I wouldn't trade it for anything. I love you all so much and I hope you all have an amazing week. I miss you all and I pray for you all the time. Write me letters, please (: I love you! The church is true. It's perfect. 

Sister Card

PS - I went fishing this morning. It was Elder Ingersoll's last time, because he is getting transferred, and he really wanted to go! So of course we did! Uncle Dave, you would have been so proud of me. I caught three fish, and everyone else caught... NONE. Fishing champion right here. And I held them even. So gross. But I'm proud of myself. It was a blast (:

First Fish!  

Second Fish!

And Third Fish!
I held this one all on my own, and I almost died.
It was the grossest thing I've ever done!!!

Sister Stahle and I with the fish.
Check out those nice glasses hahaha. Love her so much.
Biking...looking like a champ!  

Rainstorm hahaha

There was a HUGE rainstorm and we got SOAKED. So fun.
You know what they say,  the more you tract in the rain,
the cuter your husband will be. Keep those rainstorms coming!!!

Our favorite sisters! Me, Sister Jensen, Sister Stahle and Sister Bush!

Sister Jensen and I at the temple!

Sister Bush. She's a doll. I love her so much!

A bunch of us sisters at the Temple!

My motto.  I look at this every single day.  

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