Monday, August 4, 2014

And now it's real life.

Hey everyone,

So this week was quite the week. There were definitely a lot of tears shed. It finally hit me that things are coming to an end with my time here in Uruguaiana. (Not to mention the time on my mission... but that's another story that I won't address for at least the next six weeks...) It's possible that I will stay here for my last transfer, but I'm thinking no. It's already been six months here! I would absolutely love to stay here to finish up, but we will see what happens. We have transfer calls on Friday, so I will let you all know next week.

But just in case, yesterday, I bore my testimony in Sacrament Meeting and thanked all the members for the help that they have given me. It wasn't until about halfway through my testimony that I actually realized that I might be leaving these people. I feel like I have truly become a part of this ward and this town. The members tell me every week that I need to just take in all my documents and declare myself "Uruguaianese." Haha. I definitely could. I've served with my all here, and the love that I have developed for these people and for this city is absolutely incredible. I truly feel as if they have become my family. 

And not to mention all the tears shed from our investigators and recent-converts... I don't even know for sure if I am leaving yet, and they all just BAWLED. So that was heartbreaking. This week, if I really am going to be transferred, is going to be rough...

I had an incredible week though. I learned so many things. We spent a few days with President and Sister Parrela. Interviews and trainings and things. It was so fabulous. I want you all to know how truly grateful I am for my Mission President and his wife. They are two inspired people who have honestly changed my life for the better. I am so grateful for them and for the help that they have given me. I know that one of the reasons that I was sent here to Brazil was to learn and grow from them. 

I am about out of time, already! But thank you all so much for your love and your support in everything that I do. I don't think that I can express how much I appreciate it. 

I hope you all know how much I love being a missionary. I can only say this for a few more weeks, so I will continue to say it as much as I can. (Wow, that brought tears to my eyes...) I love this work. I love being a part of it. I love seeing the Atonement change others, including myself. I love learning and teaching the gospel doctrines and then watching others apply it in their lives. I love who I am and I love who I am becoming. I love serving as a missionary and I am eternally grateful for the decision that I made, almost two years ago, to serve. I love being a representative of Jesus Christ and showing everyone that I meet that I truly know Him and that I love Him. There is no better feeling in the world. I love everything about what I am doing.

I hope you have a beautiful week. I miss you all and continue to pray for you all. I'll see you all soon. LOVES.

Sister Card

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