Monday, February 24, 2014

Last week of the transfer? WHAAAT?

Hey everyone (:

I am so stunned at where this transfer went! I can't believe it! Every day this week, Sister A. Silva and I got home in tears because of how quickly this time is going. It's so hard to believe that my cute little trainee has been out for 3 months already! Where is this time going?

So I don't know for sure what is going to happen with transfers this weekend, but I am pretty sure I am leaving São Gabriel... We will see. I have been crying about it almost every day and I REALLY hope it doesn't happen. But we will see! Whatever is supposed to happen is supposed to happen, right? I have fallen SO in love with this area, with the members, and with the people here. I can't imagine serving anywhere else. I've got the same connection with this area here that I had with Prattville, Alabama. So yeah, it's going to be difficult... But we will see! 

Can I just go off for a minute about how much I have fallen in love with these people here? It's absolutely insane how much I love them. Like when we schedule visits with our cute less-active members who have hardly anything, and they have all sorts of little presents and treats for us. Like when I end up not feeling very well and having the entire branch calling and checking up on me. Like when certain people that we are working with tell me that I was sent here to help them. All of these things. I don't think that I could ever love a group of people like I love the people here. It's incredible this love I have for them. I am ETERNALLY grateful to my Father in Heaven for allowing me to be here with them, to grow with them, and to love them so much.

Things are going super well. I don't know what else I could really say about it. I just love my life far too much. I love my mission, and I love everything that I am doing. Things are just falling into place (: I can't express how happy I am with everything that is taking place. My mission is the biggest blessing in my life. These people I have met, here and in Alabama, have blessed my life SO much. 

I hope you all know how strong my testimony of this gospel is. I have never loved anything like I love this church. Everything that I am learning has just strengthened my testimony even more. It all just makes sense. This church is true. I have never felt so much gratitude for something in my life. I LOVE everything that I am doing.I can't express all the love I feel for this gospel and for my calling as a missionary. 

I love you all so much and miss you like crazy! I am excited to see you all in a short 7 months (from yesterday... CRYING!) I love you alllllllll (:

Fiquem fortes (:

Sister Card

P.S. Description from a picture that Jazzy sent but was corrupted and couldn't be posted:  

Gordín. Talk about the cutest old man you have ever met in your whole life. He went off about how much he wants me to marry a "gaúcho" so that I could stay here forever. He is the cutest thing in the entire world.

Favorite picture ever! Hahaha so dang funny.


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