Monday, July 14, 2014


Hey everyone!

My time is SO short today. I was super busy replying to all the birthday emails and everything this week. Can I just say how BEYOND blessed I feel for having such great friends and family? You are all so amazing and I feel your love and prayers every single day! Thank you thank you thank you!

So my email today might be a little short, but I will do my best to include everything here! My birthday was PERFECT. Oh my word. Loved it more than anything. We had a HUGE activity with all the young women in the ward and a ton of our investigators. We had a super spiritual lesson on the Restoration and what it truly means to have the gospel of Christ on the earth again. Then, a bunch of the girls and leaders stood up and bore their testimonies of the gospel and the standards that we have. I was in tears just thinking about how strong these girls are and how much of a desire they have to truly live the gospel. It doesn't matter what the world thinks. These girls are going to live the gospel and do their very best every single day. It was honestly the best birthday that I have ever had. 

Afterwards, I kept thinking about how important that is. We need to teach our youth these standards so that they can truly become who they need to be. I saw such a difference in the young women after that activity. There is so much more love and unity because of the things that took place that night. We had young women calling our investigators, who are also young women, inviting them to seminary and different activities. We saw them truly doing their part in this work. And because of that, WE HAD A BAPTISM ON SATURDAY.

Gabriele, Marcilene's (one of the women we baptized in April) daughter, was coming to church and different activities and had already heard all of the lessons. She just had a few doubts about being baptized and she didn't feel as if she was ready. And she said that because of that activity we had on my birthday, she knew that she had to be baptized. She said, "I just feel like Heavenly Father really is my Father and that He wants what is best for me. I feel like I am His princess, and the only way that I will find that happiness that I need is to be baptized. I know that you Sisters really care for me and want what is best for me as well. So I decided that I will be baptized!" So we marked her baptism to be on Saturday and everything went perfectly! She is SUCH a huge example to me. She honestly is so perfect. What an incredible day. I feel SO blessed and so thankful to have been a part of her conversion.

We also have another baptism on Wednesday!!! AH. José, who has been coming to church for the past three months! His dad finally said yes to baptism!!! We are so thrilled. So so so thrilled. 

This week was absolutely perfect. I feel more and more blessed every day. I truly can't believe how happy I am each day. This gospel is so perfect and I can't express how much I love it.

I am so grateful for you all and for the examples that you are to me. I know that because of the help that each of you have given me, I am where I am today. I love you all so much and miss you like crazy. Thank you for everything you have done for me. I LOVE YOU.

Have a great week (:

Sister Card

Gabriele's baptism

Eating lunch with some of the Sisters going home... ): SO sad. I love these girlies way too much.

Marcilene's wedding (: (: (:

Picture from FOREVER ago that I never sent haha.

Birthdayyyyyy. I love these people more than I can explain. Sweetest things in the world.

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