Monday, November 18, 2013

Semana perfeita (:

Hey everyone!

I honestly can't believe that I am writing another email home. This week flew by, of course. When I got here, I totally thought that time would be suuuuper slow because of how different things are here. However, it's just the opposite. Every day is like five seconds long. I have no idea how it goes by that quickly. But I am loving it. We had a great week! It seriously was perfect! Love it.

So first things first, guess what I did this week? I sang for the missionaries in my district! AH. I am pretty proud of myself, because I never ever sing for real in front of people, but I did it this week. Yay (: All of you should be proud that I am getting over my fears! I am learning SO many new things as a missionary, things that I never thought I would do on a mission. But I am proud of myself, so I had to share that (:

Things are going so well here. My Portuguese is getting so much better. The people that we are talking to are stunned that I have only been here two full weeks. I know that is entirely due to the help of the Lord because I haven't been studying Portuguese for like six months! It is amazing that He is helping me out so much. I am so grateful for all that help I receive every single day. I am teaching a lot in our lessons now, and I am so grateful for that. Everything is going so well (:

This week was great. We had a few activities that were INCREDIBLE for mission work. We had this big couples dinner where everyone dressed up and invited non-members. It was entirely centered on mission work and there were SO many people there. We got a ton of references and we are SO excited to get working with them. It was seriously like a great big party. Yeah, I went to a party as a missionary. We were allowed to be out until midnight. How weird is that? But it was so fun. We had super yummy food and dancing afterwards. There were a few young men that wanted to dance... HAHA SO AWKWARD. "No. I can't dance with you! I AM A MISSIONARY." I am going to be the most awkward person in the world when I get home. Lovely.

Speaking of... The Elders here have this genius idea of "flirt to convert" or something. Not kidding. For some reason, they keep giving us names of young men to teach. They are all like 15 or 16 and they are NOT interested in the gospel. They are interested, however, in Sister Missionaries... IT IS THE WORST. We do have a few of them who are progressing though, so we will keep praying hahaha. 

We also had a baby shower for a less active named Francielle in the ward here. She is so dang cute. There were a ton of non-members there as well, so we got even more names to teach. The baby shower was almost exactly the same as ones in the US. Who knew? I loved it though. So much fun.

I love the people here. Every time I say that I am from the US, they think it is the greatest thing in the world. I have to tell them all about it. How cute are they? They all tell me that one day they are going to go there too. Love it. These people are so friendly here. With everything. I love them all so much. SO much. I can't express how much love I have for these people. The culture is already becoming a huge part of me. I know that this is exactly where I need to be. So perfect.

Everything is going so well. SO well. We have been working with Mauricio and Mara, a couple who is FABULOUS. They need to get married before they get baptized, but they are doing GREAT. I love them so much. They have a 12 year old daughter, Mayra, and a 5 year old son, Alvaro. They came to church yesterday and it was perfect. Everything was exactly what they needed to hear. So hopefully we will be having a wedding and baptisms soon! They are so great (:

I am super excited for another great week here. Everything is lovely. I love being here, far too much. I keep praying for you all and I hope that you have a great week. I have no idea if my letters are getting to the US, but I sent a bunch out... We will see haha. The mail system is sketchhhhh. Pray (: I love you all. I love my mission. I know this church is true. Without a doubt. I am so grateful to be here, serving my Heavenly Father. It is the greatest blessing in the world. 

Have a beautiful week.

Sister Card

1.       What is your apartment like?  Two story house with white tile EVERYWHERE. Very blehhhhh. But we deal with it and try to make it as cutesie as we can. No air conditioning at all. We have hot water though, so that's great (: I will send pictures!

2.       What is Sao Gabriel like?  São Gabriel isn't too big. Everyone knows everyone, which makes it great for teaching, since everyone knows members. There is a Centro with a lot of stores - farmacias and clothing stores and mercados.

3.       Who are the other missionaries in your district?  Elder Shepherd from Utah (Viewmont High School). Elder Dias from Brazil. Elder Christensen from Provo, Utah (Mountainview High School). Elder Bravo from Chile. Sister King from Washington. Sister Robinson from Utah (Riverton High School). We have a great district! I love them all a lot!

4.       How big is your ward?  We aren't in a ward. We have a branch with about 70 members... We are trying to reactivate a ton of less-actives, since we have a TON and should have a ward... We will have a ward soon (:

5.       How many missionaries are assigned to the ward?  The other Sisters are in our branch and the four Elders are in the other branch, so four missionaries in each branch!

At the festa! So fun!

Such a cool building, even though I am teeny tiny next to it (: 

Hahahahaha. There are dead frogs EVERYWHERE. 
Not kidding. Everywhere. 
It is the grossest thing in the world, 
but I had to send this so you can see 
what I am dealing with here hahaha.

distrito celestial (heavenly district)   

Noite Familiar com os membros aqui (:
(Family Night with the members here)

The festa with Elder Christensen and Elder Dias!

Francielle (:

We got stuck in a rainstorm with no umbrella... (: 
Então, we had to take shelter under a tree hahahaha.

Hahaha this pictures is the definition of Rio Grande do Sul (:

It was Sister King´s birthday! So we had a little party. 
Love these two Sisters!

The streets of São Gabriel. Exactly like you imagined, huh? (:

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